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Working through digital design processes, Danielle Kathleen creates jewellery and complimentary accessories for the everyday.

All of Danielle’s designs are in limited runs, but may be custom made upon request.

Danielle focuses on form, pattern and line in the design process, creating a refined, modern style for her collections. Each of her pieces embodies a sense of calm meditation and the organic subconscious. She imbues her pieces with a stillness that speaks through them and onto the body or space they occupy.

Danielle’s combines computer design, casting and hand finishing in her making process. Her pieces are predominately sterling silver, chosen for the lustre and quality of its finish and the durability it provides her designs. She also occasionally makes in a range of other materials, from steel and brass up to gold and precious gemstones, as appropriate to the piece and the needs of her client.  

Danielle is located in Canberra, Australia, where she works out of her small home-studio. She graduated from the Australian National University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in gold and silversmithing. She has been operating Danielle Kathleen since 2009.