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I love making jewellery and accessories for the everyday wearer. My works are a reflection of my state of mind - I use making as a way to channel my feelings, discoveries and obsessions. My art is my hobby and my therapy, so I invest time and passion in every piece I make. I hope each piece shows how much joy I had in making it! 

I love discovering new ways to make. Each collection might look completely different as I experiment in 3D design, casting, hand fabricating, and more. If there was something you loved but missed out on, let me know. Your love fuels my passion to make! 

I live in Canberra, Australia, where I have a small home-studio. I make in small-batch collections, but will update my online shop regularly with new items as they are created.


I believe in being sustainable and eco-friendly, and reflects these principles in my business.

Danielle Kathleen is considered: Each collection is a micro-edition, with only one of each piece included in the initial run. All pieces after this are made-to-order, so that I can maintain a high-quality product with low waste principles.

Danielle Kathleen is sustainable: I use recycled materials and casting as my main practices, so that every Danielle Kathleen piece only consumes as much raw material as it needs.

Danielle Kathleen is timeless: A Danielle Kathleen piece is an investment, and should last you a lifetime. My pieces are designed for timeless elegance, in materials that can be worn every day, and that gain beauty through wear.