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Care + Materials


I uses a number of casting processes in my work, with each piece polished to a satin finish. Cast metals can be slightly softer than worked metals, so be sure to be gentle with your jewellery.

All precious and semi-precious metal jewellery will naturally show wear over time, including colour changes, surface polishing, scratches, and slight distortions. Often this wear is quite lovely, demonstrating that your piece has a strong connection to you and the life that you’ve led.

To avoid excessive wear you can aid the long life of your jewellery by:

- Avoiding dropping, crushing or handling it roughly

- Avoiding contact with cosmetics and chemicals

- Removing for practical activities

- Storing in a dry, air-tight box or bag

- Cleaning using professional products or services

- Avoiding water, electricity or excessive heat


I use precious and semi-precious metals. My pieces are made in sterling silver, bronze and brass. I can make pieces in gold upon request. Material compositions include:

- Sterling silver (93% Ag, 4% Cu, 3% Zn)

- Bronze (90% Cu, 10% Sn)

- Brass (80% Cu, 15% Zn, 5% Sn)