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Exhibition - Drop in!

art biology brooch exhibition fungi mushrooms sculpture vessel

Hosting Bio Mimic at ANCA Inc. today, my group exhibition with four other lovely ACT artists. This piece is my largest sculpture, titled ‘Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae (cedar-Apple rust fungi)’. Made of resin and bronze, the set is the culmination of my Bio Mimic body of work. The exhibition is open until 3 December if you want to pop in! I am also proud to be showing a new collection of brooches for Bio Mimic at ANCA - also made of resin, each of the seven brooches represent a different fungi species. This piece is clavariadelphus truncatus (club coral fungi). One of my three sculptural pieces...

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BioMimic Exhibition Opening

art bio mimic biomimicry exhibition opening

We are each five very individual artists, united in this exhibition by the theme of biomimicry. Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to design challenges by emulating the patterns and strategies employed in the natural environment. It is a practice more commonly associated with industrial and fashion design, for those unfamiliar with the concept. You might see dresses grown like leaves, buildings like micro-organisms and surfboards with shark fins. Starting out on this journey, I must say that this expectation was hard to overcome. As artists, however, we aren’t product designers in the traditional sense. Rather than...

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Bio Mimic Exhibition Invite - Wednesday 15 Nov 2017

3d print anca art artist biomimic bronze brooches canberra exhibition launch opening resin vessel

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The Pipi Pins were a success!

anca australian national capital artists bronze brooch Danielle Kathleen exhibition jewellery pin six pipi stick pin

Today I found out that all of my Pipi Pins sold! I am very excited and proud. They were a fun little experiment, so I'm happy that they were loved. All my jewellery can be bought from this website, so I might add these as well if anyone likes them? ^_^ - Danni  

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Pin Six Opening

2016 anca australian national capital artists bronze brooch Danielle Kathleen exhibition jewellery pin six pipi stick pin

Tonight I went to the launch of the ANCA ‪Pin Six‬ exhibition, where some of my pieces are on show. The Pipi pins are small stick pins designed to look like little pipi clams growing on the lapel. The Pipi stick pins are made in cast bronze and are capped with brass hat pin ends. What do you think?

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