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New necklaces now live!

angles art cube fashion geometric jewellery lariat minimalist modernism necklace silver sterling sterling silver

Just given a final polish! I’m so happy with these new designs, where the silver is the champion. I’ve called this piece the Back-to-Basics Lariat necklace. I’m in love with modernism, so this sweet little piece owes a lot to the simple lines and shapes of this movement. I've also just finished this sweet little necklace, which surprised me by demanding to be made! I’ve called it the Body and Soul Lariat because of the featured cubes, one solid-state and one showing interior-state construction lines. It is finished with a sterling silver belcher chain and clasp, and can be worn long...

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New brooches coming soon!

3D design art australian brass brooch CAD gold jeweller jewellery made steel

Just finished the prototype for my new brooch design. What do you think?

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Introducing... the Pendulum!

australian CAD jewellery launch made minimalist modernist necklace new pendulum silver sterling

My new piece, just arrived in the post! Boasting understated, modernist lines, the Pendulum necklace is a perfect compliment to both evening and business wear. Cast from solid sterling silver, the pendulum is a pleasing weight on the chest of the wearer.

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Torus Lariat Necklace - launched!

Danielle Kathleen jewellery lariat necklace silver sterling Torus Collection

  My newest design, the Torus Lariat necklace! I've fallen in love with this beauty. With two connecting parts made of solid silver, the Lariat design has some weight behind it. Available for order now - :D 

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The Pipi Pins were a success!

anca australian national capital artists bronze brooch Danielle Kathleen exhibition jewellery pin six pipi stick pin

Today I found out that all of my Pipi Pins sold! I am very excited and proud. They were a fun little experiment, so I'm happy that they were loved. All my jewellery can be bought from this website, so I might add these as well if anyone likes them? ^_^ - Danni  

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